All Changed in Just a Few Years

The Class of 2022 graduates have had quite the abnormal high school years…two years of the ups and downs of COVID and, then locally, many districts responded to the Oxford shooting by putting in extra mechanisms to ensure the safety of their students.

“It was just crazy,” says 2022 Brandon High graduate Madelyn Misenar. “First, we all had Chrome books to work remotely, then we had masks, then we couldn’t do labs because we couldn’t get near each other… then Oxford happened, we couldn’t use backpacks.  We still wait in line to get checked before we can enter the school. It has been crazy, but I always knew the district was on our side.”

Yet through all that, Madelyn has found a way to find joy and live her life well through the work she provided in the Ortonville community.

“Being on student council is my favorite memory,” she says. “I was in charge of the Homecoming Parade and worked on all the planning with my best friends and my brother. I just loved student council – I made so many friends.”

Through student council, she also fulfilled community service hours with the Ortonville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and formed a special relationship with DDA Courtney McClerren. With Courtney, she was able to dress up as an elf and work with Santa at Christmas in the Village and she even worked the Spring Garden Show.

Madelyn will pack up her 13 Varsity letters and Principal’s Award Scholarship to move to Ferris State University this fall to study biology with the ultimate goal of becoming an optometrist. She credits all her successes to her role model – her mom, Angel Misenar (also preschool teacher at Harvey Swanson Elementary School).

“My mom is very independent, kind and works for what she wants,” explains Madelyn. “She doesn’t get a lot of credit for what she does behind the scenes, yet she doesn’t feel like she needs credit for it either.  She just does what needs to be done.”

Thank you Madelyn for all you have done for the Ortonville community!  Congratulations to Madelyn and the entire 2022 Brandon High School graduating class! An extra special congratulations on your resilience – your community is very proud of you!


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