Don't Forget Your Spiritual Self!

Pastor Brian Johnson helps members of our community find their spiritual self.

Pastor Johnson was “Living Life Well” in the retail industry for a chain of lumber yards in mid-Michigan while volunteering as a youth leader.  He finally embraced his calling in 2011 to become a full-time, licensed minister for the United Methodist Church. 

“People have a desire to connect with others,” explains Pastor Johnson, “We were created to be in relationship both with God and people.” Pastor Johnson connected to his own spirituality through his youth group experience while growing up – that’s where God led him to the right people and places for spiritual growth.

“It is sooo easy to only be focused on the physical side of our life by staying healthy to live longer and stay looking good,” says Pastor Brian Johnson of Ortonville United Methodist Church.  “But we do need to be more aware of the spiritual side.  We tend to not think about our souls until we have to deal with death, yet fostering growth in that spiritual side is vital to living life well, both here and eternally.”

Hanging on solely to the physical side of life does cause problems, so Pastor Johnson and his congregation focus on:

Help -- Putting ourselves in the right places, connecting to the right people and resources in our community and finding the healing love of Jesus will all help in sustaining spiritual wellness.

Healing -- We all have some form of spiritual brokenness in this life – unforgiveness, regrets, grudges etc.  Focus on your spiritual side, repair your inner self and remember the person next to you is broken as well, we all need grace.

Hope – by being with the right people and in the right places for healing yourself, you will be pointed to the light of hope as you prepare for your spiritual eternity.

Pastor Johnson and Village Funeral Home owner Roy Langolf always are available to provide the resources you need no matter where you are in your spiritual journey – one step at a time is all it takes to work on #LivingLifeWell.   Happy Easter and Happy Springtime – enjoy this time of renewal and new beginnings!






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