Keeping Our Community Safe

Oakland County Sheriff's Officers at the Brandon Substation - Thank you all for your service!

An important part of any community is the safety of its residents. And this November, as we give thanks for our many blessings, let’s give a huge thanks for those who serve our community in law enforcement. Our community’s safety and well-being are managed through the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department at the Brandon Substation under the leadership of Lieutenant Greg Glover.

“Defending people that can’t defend or protect themselves is an aspect of the job that has always appealed to me,” says Lt. Glover. “Our department’s overall mission is to protect and serve our residents and treat people with professionalism at all times.” 

Having served in law enforcement for more than 3 decades, he knew at around 5 or 6 he wanted to be in law enforcement, either as a police officer or with the Department of Natural Resources.

Lt. Glover is a third-generation officer within the Sheriff’s Office, keeping his family’s tradition of service alive and well. He started in the corrections division before being promoted to road patrol. He worked almost 19 years undercover before going back to the road patrol, where he is now the Substation Commander.

His deputies focus on arresting our non-law-abiding citizens in the township and closing cases to the best of their abilities. Most of his deputies either live in the community or adjacent townships, so they truly care and take pride in our shared community. 

Lt. Glover added, “I’ve always felt the Brandon Township Substation team has been different. We have always been supported in tremendous ways by the residents we work for and unfortunately for our residents our crimes aren’t necessarily just small-town incidents anymore.”

Lt. Glover’s advice to the community, “We will always have your back as you have had ours from any non-law-abiding citizens that come your way and when in doubt always call the substation if you have any concerns.”   

The staff at the Brandon Township Substation is here to help, please call 248-627-4911.

Thank you to the all the officers and staff who serve at the Brandon Substation – we are grateful for you and keep you close in our thoughts and prayers as you provide a safe community for our residents.



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