#LivingLifeWell as an Adolescent

River Jannette, a 17-year-old Brandon High School junior, is a tremendous young man who is ready to do great things with his life.   He has been very fortunate to have his grandmother Shirley Ware living next door and two other sets of grandparents nearby in Lapeer -- Dan and Linda Jannette and Donna and Jack Stheiner.  He lives in Holly with his parents, an older sister and a younger brother.

“My mentors are definitely all my grandparents,” says Janette.   “They are at all my sporting events and are checking on me via text just to stay in touch with me.”

Jannette feels that the best way for adolescents to live life well is to get involved…. be with your family, learn all that you can in school and get busy.  “Being is a student is all about learning… you should want to learn,” he says.  “It’s great being a student; I don’t have all the worries that adults do.”

As a mid-distance runner, his goal is to run track in college while he studies industrial design.  He is receiving calls from coaches in Michigan and California.  “I really want to move to the west coast,” he says.  “Simply because that coast is known for stronger design backgrounds.”

Other things Jannette does to keep busy and build his college application are: volunteers in National Honor Society service projects and with the Robotics Team, serves as Brandon High School’s Student Council Treasurer and is captain of both the cross country and track teams.

“There are a lot of negative things that people are talking about when they talk about teenagers,” he explains. “I just want kids to focus on all the positives of being a student.  Plus, they can find something they love – which is athletics for me – and take it as a great opportunity to participate, learn and grow.”



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