Ortonville’s Friendly Face for Nearly FIVE Decades

Nowicki at The Citizen offices

In 1972, Norm Nowicki’s coworker suggested he and his wife look at property on Ortonville’s Bald Eagle Lake and they loved it… little did Ortonville know, they were soon to get a gem in their midst - the Mrs. Nowicki, Jackie.

Jackie’s longtime love for sales started at St. Mary High School in Royal Oak when she was the business manager for the yearbook. “It’s there that I found out I liked talking to people and getting them to promote their business and help the yearbook by buying ads,” says Nowicki, now ad manager for The Citizen.

After the move to Ortonville, she eventually began working for The Clarkston News.   Ortonville’s newspaper during the 1970s and 1980s was The Reminder; however, it was losing its local flavor.  So, in 1995, Sherman Publications (owner of The Clarkston News) started The Citizen with Jackie Nowicki at the helm of its sales department with several other people committed to starting an Ortonville-based newspaper.  “I helped start the paper, “she says, “and we were getting a very good response.  Many local companies committed to spending their dollars on advertising and it had helped grow their business as well as ours.”

Now after 47 years in Ortonville and in the community newspaper business, Jackie looks back and loves her life… she has a great husband, two children, four grandchildren and her job at The Citizen.  A bout with cancer has been behind her for 9 years now and she was treated even by the infamous Rochester Hills’ oncologist Dr. Fata…. and she happily states that she survived those two evils (the cancer and Fata).

“I just love my life and I love the small town atmosphere and knowing so many good people, “says Nowicki.  I just enjoy life – the 60’s was the best time to grow up and I’m thankful I was born when I was.”

If you don’t know Jackie, stop by The Citizen and have her tell you how she is #LivingLifeWell!

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