A Martian is Landing in Houghton

Goodrich High School Senior Lucas Schraudt has been a Martian for his entire school-aged years. He loved growing up in Goodrich and credits his community for his great start in life

“Our community has always been great and friendly. They are so nice and willing to help,” says Schraudt. “I’ve worked at the Goodrich Country Club and everyone is very nice. It’s like we are all friends and family.”

He also enjoyed playing tennis for the high school – making it to States his junior and senior years. “But some of my favorite memories are the football games and dances,” he says, “plus my first and last prom.”  

Schraudt will be studying at Michigan Technological University in the fall enrolling in the biomedical engineering program as he desires to improve the technological side of healthcare. He was guided into that field by two women in his life. First is his math teacher Sheri Hotchkiss, who always was enthusiastic about math and motivated him to keep advancing in the field. And the second is his mom, Vanessa. he says, “My mom is a cardiology nurse so she encouraged me to look at the field.”

As for who has inspired him the most, he said, “That is definitely my mom.  She works so hard at her job as an RN, leaving before me every morning and getting home 5 hours after I do every day. Plus, she takes care of us and my grandparents. She puts food on their table and ours while helping my grandparents with health issues.”

We wish Lucas and all other 2022 Goodrich High graduates God’s blessings as they venture off into the next phase of their lives!


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